Spa Services By Darlena

Also described as a "relaxation" massage.  The benefits of Swedish Massage include increased blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation, and decreased stress and muscle tension.  This type of massage also stimulates the skin and relaxes the nervous system.

60 Minutes ~ $70                    90 Minutes ~ $100

Signature Swedish Massage

This massage uses a combination of techniques to release chronic muscle tension, improve range of motion, increase circulation and decrease pain.  Includes moderate to deep pressure for one or two focus areas.

60 Minutes ~ $70                    90 Minutes ~ $100

Custom Therapeutic Massage

This massage is focused only on the back, neck, and shoulders.

30 Minutes ~ $45

Express Massage


Bamboo Fusion Massage

Signature Balancing Massage

Warm pieces of bamboo of different sizes and shapes are used as a tool to provide this type of massage.  The warmth of the bamboo tools melt the outer layer of muscle, allowing the therapist to penetrate more deeply without as much pressure.  Provides relaxation and feeling of well being.

90 Minutes ~ $100

Relax and rejuvenate in this treatment!  Your custom blended aromatherapy massage begins with an invigorating body brushing and a special foot scrub treatment.  Also includes the placement of hot stones on your back during the massage.  Specifically designed to balance body, mind, and spirit.

90 Minutes ~ $100